Glaucoma is what we do. We specialize in glaucoma and focus entirely on glaucoma patients.

We continue to care for our patients, and our facilities are OPEN and operating under normal business hours.

Following the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health officials, we have enhanced the frequency and scope of our sanitizing procedures, including:

  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning high-touch surfaces such as examination tables, counters, equipment, door handles and other public spaces.
  • Medical instruments are sterilized as applicable to their usage.
  • Health equipment is fully sanitized.
  • Healthcare staff members use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, gowns, etc.
  • All staff members follow handwashing, hygiene, and sanitation procedures with each patient interaction.
  • Hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes are available for patient use.

If you have a scheduled appointment, we ask that you please plan to keep your appointment unless you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, congestion, sore throat, runny-nose, muscle aches and pains or shortness of breath. If you are a patient experiencing these symptoms, contact your primary healthcare provider immediately.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Have you been told you might have glaucoma? Are you considering a glaucoma laser or surgical procedure? Had glaucoma for a long time and want to make sure you're on the right track?

Our doctors have an in depth understanding of what it's like to live with glaucoma. We care for people with all stages of the disease from suspicion of glaucoma to end-stage damage. We have access to the complete spectrum of resources from diagnosis to surgical treatment and the expertise to create a customized management strategy for you. Our goal is to translate expert opinions into words you can understand.

Communication and compassion are our priority.

At Glaucoma Physicans and Surgeons, we are firmly committed to education and the advancement of knowledge to continually improve patient care.

Our doctors have authored many peer reviewed articles, ophthalmic book chapters, and lectured both nationally and internationally at meetings. We are actively involved in training of the next generation of ophthalmologists and glaucoma specialists at Wills Eye Hospital through our roles in the residency and fellowship programs.

We are passionate about being at the cutting edge of glaucoma care. We participate in clinical trials and research to make meaningful contributions in the field of glaucoma care.

To learn more about the services we provide, please call us today at 302-651-3353 to schedule an appointment.

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